Electronics is by far the biggest industry in Taiwan. Due to the fast changing dynamics of the end products, supply chain needs to keep up the pace as well. Freight forwarders play an essential role in controlling the transportation of electronic inventories and finished goods.

Ever since the establishment of Grand Forwarding, we have dedicated ourselves to not only serve our electronic clients but also help to improve the transportation standards.

  1. Export:We have worked with the one of the largest computer manufacturer for 10+ years to distribute their products to more than 30 countries. Our services include freight forwarding, warehouse management, and distribution in destination countries, reverse logistics.
  2. Import:We have facilitated the importation of twin-scanner wafer stepper for the biggest semi-conductor company in Taiwan for 10+ years. The amount of machines we handled exceeded 500+. Due to the value (US$20-100 million) and weight (20-100 tons) of the cargo, we need to take the following steps to ensure absolute integrity.
    1. Arrange chartered Freight from Europe to Taiwan
    2. Situate the machines on air-cushion mattress
    3. Monitor different parameters (shock, temperature, pressure, humidity, etc.) through out the transfer
    4. Police escort the cargo for inland transportation